The Indy Fantasy Writers Guild

Calling all adventurers! Heroes! Villains & Vampires, Supers & Saints!

You may have noticed this badge appearing on my blog, or heard tale of a new gang of miscreants in town. Well, you heard right, friend – but you didn’t hear it from me, right?

The Indy Fantasy Writers Guild is a loose company of authors who bow to no one, follow their own stars, and seek to encourage fellow travellers in the realms of fantasy. A long time ago in the days of the interwebs we might have called it a webring, but you and I both know that even further back than that we called it a Company, a Cadre, a Party.

Membership of the IFW is free, life-long, and automatic – if you accept the following challenge:

  • You write works of fantastic fiction(*)
  • You have/will/are self-publishing – or have/will/are publish in the small and independent presses(**)
  • You support fantasy fiction, people reading generally, more people writing whatever their previous experience, and in the sage words of Bill and Ted: ‘to be excellent to each other…’


(*) Parties are formed from all stripes, friends – not just the paladin, but also the evil wizards and that psychotic barbarian too. In that vein the IFW welcomes all forms of fantastic fiction that sits in the F/SF/H camp. We don’t care if you write urban fantasy about were-shifters in New York, or epic tales of love and loss under alien stars, or the myths of new adventurers with a magic sword and a streak of luck. All we ask is that is has a strong element of the fantastic at its core.

(**) The small press is a pretty dang broad definition. As a general rule, anyone outside of the Big 5 Publishing houses could be considered small press – including even the big name magazines like Interzone, Apex, etc. Take a look at to see what we mean.

IFW Membership Benefits:

At the moment, you get our undying solidarity, and you’re welcome to pinch any of the badges or icons for your site below. If you want, then please get in touch to be included in Guest Interviews on this blog. If the IFW grows and I get more people contacting me about it – then maybe we will sort out that webring/blog tours or something 😀 !

Indy Fantasy Writers Guild

Indy Fantasy Writers Guild

Indy Fantasy Writers Guild

Indy Fantasy Writers Guild