Talin of the Nhkari, a slave to the Lords of the Reach.

Serin of the Nhkari, Talin’s mother, and slave to the Lords of the Reach.

Jotnir, a life-long slave.

Captain Jos’ Tremaine of the Storm, a freebooting airship businessman, relocating goods from their owners to somewhere else.

Quartermaster Gulbrand of the Craggock Heimr, the largest heimr you’ve ever seen.

Mate Odestin “blackbeard”, a man always two drinks away from a fight.

Master Rigger Lura of the Tylaethi, navigator, scout, and rigger for the Storm.

Chef Sevesti Challa-Marseione of the Izant Isles, not a cook – a Chef! Currently serving aboard the Storm.

Mate Reece Vin of Ausbridge, an able seaman of the Storm, prone to mishaps.

Lady Rathine of Marduk, a lady of refined tastes amidst a den of iniquity.

Overseer Jekkers, Overseer of the Eastern Docks work team at Breaker’s Reach.

Father Kef of the Nhkari, an Ekun, or spiritual father for his people.

War-thrall Garn, a big man with a big axe.

Her Royal Highness the Princess Eliset Bathys, the sole daughter of Her Majesty the Empress-Protector.

Burandin a Merchant, a businessman of Marduk.

Admiral Geisse of the Northern Gate, Admiral of the Southern Fleet, stationed at the entry to the North.

Blonde Oleander, Pudgy Vestas, and Kenrath, slaves of Breaker’s Reach.

The Breakers, the sorcerous Lords of the Reach.

Meda and Old Bdui of the Nhkari, refugees and slaves at Breaker’s Reach.

Assorted ruffians, rogues, travellers, smugglers, urchins and ne’er-do-wells, as encountered.