Hand of the StormHand of the Storm

Outcast. Slave. Thief. Talin of the Nhkari has grown up trapped in the desert fortress of the sorcerous Breaker’s Reach; the place where all the World Island’s airships go to die. A chance theft and the arrival of a dangerous gang of airship pirates offers him the slim opportunity to escape however, if he is brave and quick enough to take it.

But Talin’s plans catapults him into danger and mystery, as he realizes that he is not the only one after what he stole, and that the life of an airship’s hand is more complicated than he had  thought.

Hand of the Storm is the first book in an epic adventure of magic, sorcery, sword fights and corsairs, set against a new fantasy world where old gods vie with the new.


Storm's GambitStorm’s Gambit

The privateer Captain Jos Tremaine of the airship The Storm is in trouble. No one flies to the Khokol Islands unless they have to; that corner of the Inner Ocean is as treacherous as the bird-men the Khokol who live there. But now Tremaine and his crew of thieves, pirates, and ex-slaves have been sent on a quest to settle a “diplomatic dispute” between the Empress-Protector’s navies and the birdmen, one that is sure to end in blood.

Storm’s Gambit continues the adventure of the crew of the unluckiest airship in the Inner Oceans, as they battle strange magics and old histories – and try to avert a battle that could mean war for the fragile peace of the Protectorate.


More to come! …

Book 3 of The Airship Wars is currently in the drafting stage as we speak, with plans for a first run of a five-book arc telling the story of the Second Great Air War – if the readers want to read about the adventures of the Storm and it’s crew, that is!