About the Author

Iain Lindsay was raised by wolves – or very large dogs, anyway – which would take him on long adventures beside seas, rivers, and trees in the British countryside. During these adventures he would always take one of his tome-like fantasy books, letting the canines sniff out the tracks of strange beasts as he read voraciously of even stranger lands; Earthsea, Middle Earth, Bas Lag, the Six Duchies, Discworld and Krynn to name but a few.

Iain Lindsay is not his real name, but one that he earnt betting against an imp on a million-to-one chance. Iain was lucky, he walked away with a new name and a new life – even if he does have to step carefully around mushroom rings from now on.

Iain Lindsay is of Scots-Irish heritage, and says that means he can dance and sing loudly – although his dogs claim that it is only badly. He writes epic fantasy tales of dark sorceries, sword fights, and airships, and hopes that his legion of nephews and neices, as well as other weird kids like he was, will one day find them.