One of the key features of the Airship Wars‘ vessels, is that most are fantasy airships rather than say, diesel punk or ‘balloon-punk’ (I think I just coined that phrase…). Although I still love balloons, and we we have a few of those appearing as well…

However, here are some great ideas of how airships can be constructed from Felonius Monk (not that one) and Neill Richards, which have been instrumental in deciding how to position and describe the “Air Fans” (side sails) we have.


Airship Thumbs by Felonius Monk over at Deviantart.


Airship Concepts by Neill Richards at Artstation.



2 thoughts on “Airships!

  1. Absolutely – those last two are great because they show them in movable positions. I love those “under” sails that Felonius Monk has – but, apart from a few rare beasts in the World Islands, I had to nix them as a rule, because our airships are also (mostly) able to land on water as well… A stationary mast of wood attached to the bottom of the hull would be a baaad idea! XD Thank you for your comment 🙂


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