Indy Fantasy Writers: Richard M. Ankers!

indyfantasywritersToday I am happy to announce a new addition to this blog; guest posts by other indy authors on different aspects of their recent fantasy work. Why? Because indy writers need you! And they rock. One of my first introductions to the indy community came in the form of the small press zines – back in the day when that meant actual printed chapbooks and newsletters sent out by fans to their subscribers all over the world. Fantastic literature by way of punk rock, if you will. Many of those pen-and-paper storyzines have since folded – but the indy tradition has grown with the advent of digital self-publishing.

Every week, I will be featuring a different author talking on one subject, and the first season is “Covers”.

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Covers; they say that you shouldn’t judge a book by them, and yet many of us do. They are the first impression of our work, the hook that draws us in, the bold statement to the world about what secrets they are about to discover.

Without further ado, kicking off this new season is the studious and dedicated dark fantasy author, Richard M. Ankers!

Latest Work Title: Into Eternity

Series Title: The Eternals Series

Into Eternity, by Richard M. Ankers
1. Tell us about your cover. What does it show? Why is this one your favorite?

I was fortunate, although I’m no artist, to have sent some concept sketches with my original book submissions. My publisher took note of the style and had their own artist come up with appropriate covers.

I was most pleased with the final book in the series, Into Eternity, as it depicted the anti-hero, Jean, most accurately. The image of him brooding over a broken world was as good as I could ever have hoped for. There is something about the scene, perhaps its simplicity, that eludes to the story rather than outright forces it upon a reader. I liked this. I also liked Jean’s hands being in his pockets (his ennui is endless and that image speaks volumes.) The cover also allows a little scope for the reader to dream up their own thoughts about the situation. It is far better presenting something like this rather than giving the game away, especially when the final part of a trilogy. What’s the point of reading something if you already know the outcome?

I am, as are most people, drawn to visuals when purchasing a book. There are few things in marketing as important as a cover. I think mine is perfect for the Sci-Fi / Dark Fantasy setting that it describes. Good job, Mister Artist.

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6 thoughts on “Indy Fantasy Writers: Richard M. Ankers!

  1. I love Richard’s covers for this series. They’re eye-catching and evocative and they give an accurate impression of the books. Covers are my first stop when book shopping authors I’m not familiar with. They’re a necessary investment for indie authors. 🙂

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  2. Just stumbled on your blog. Love the idea of an “Indy Fantasy Writers Guild”, mostly because I’d love to be in a guild! I fully agree that good covers, nay great covers, are essential in the current over-saturated market. Thanks for sharing! 😀


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