Call-Out for Pre-Release Fantasy Readers!

Fantasy pre-release readers

I’m sure you’re not as difficult to find as hobbits – so here goes. Do you read indie fantasy? Would you like to? My first epic fantasy novel, Hand of the Storm, is winging it’s way to the marketplace and I am on the look-out for readers and reviewers to give it a whirl.

It features:

  • airship pirates!
  • dark sorceries
  • a coming-of-age tale
  • a new fantasy setting with different races and lore

It’s an 80,000+ word novel, the start of a new saga The Airship Wars depicting the trials, travels (and travails) of one crew of a fantasy skyship as the whole world goes to pot.

What Do You Get?

  • The book, sent as .mobi, .epub, .pdf or whatever combination thereof 🙂
  • My eternal comradeship.
  • Sign-up to my newsletter featuring behind-the-scenes blabber, world lore, super-secret updates on the forthcoming books, and discounts when they come out.

What Do I Get?

Nothing. I’d love you to review the book on your blog or social media of course – but it’s okay if you don’t, and I won’t be hassling you either. 🙂

If you’re interested, then Contact me!

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