Welcome to the Blog!

Here’s a fun fact from your’s truly: I used to run a wordpress many years ago. Like, many years ago, in a previous incarnation when I was doing some very different things with myself. I wrote about my strange daily life, a bit of philosophy, doggerels of poetry, and lots and lots of geekery. Most of it was embarrasing (the younger writer that was me was only fledging, “like kittens chasing dandelion fluff” as the Fool says in Fool’s Errand), but I’m glad to be back here in the reader community once again.

A thanks to my first inaugural likes Maxxesbooktopia and Cristian Mihai – looking covetously I realize that I really need to up my blogging game! šŸ˜€

It’s probably going to take me awhile to get up and running, as I’m deep in the formatting/editing and promotions stage of getting my first book Hand of the Storm out there – but a few short updates nonetheless. There is an overview of the Airship books over here, and I’m adding to the Characters section so you can take a look at what sort of heroes, heroines, and villains populate my world. You can also see some of the series Maps, and keep a track of my progress (prod me to get on with it!) in the progress bar at the side.I really need to set up some kind of newsletter (sporadic, monthly/seasonally) and I’m uhmming and ahhing about whether to use either Tinyletter or Mailchimp? :/

Anything you want to know – please feel free to tag, ask, or prod, and thank you for coming on this adventure with me.

Oh, and PS. I’m still writing terrible Vogon poetry!

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